Organizing for Union Power Slate 


Organized for Union Power (OUP) is a group of like-minded UESF members who have come together to advance the best practices of our union work in the interest of our members, students, families and communities. The members of our slate are already leading work within our union and have shown through that work that we are committed to continue building an “organizing” union. UESF has taken important steps in including a new layer of leaders and revived structures like the Contract Action Team which, along with other leadership bodies, led to an increase in the mobilization and activity of the membership.

The OUP Pillars and Points of Unity

Below is a summary of our 4 pillars and points of unity. Read our full program here.

Fully Funded, Equitable Schools 

We can continue the fight for our students, families and educators by advocating for fully funded schools that will give us the ability to provide the academic and socioemotional supports our students and families need and deserve. 


UESF leadership ranges from the elected officers, executive board and general assembly to the rank-and-file organizers and activists. Leaders should be dedicated to building the union through direct engagement and mobilization of the rank-and-file.  

An Empowered Membership Builds A Fighting Union 

We strive to expand participation and mobilization at all levels of the existing structures to strengthen our internal democracy and the organization itself. We also reject racism, sexism, homophobia and every form of bigotry that serves to divide our membership against itself and against other workers. 

Coalitions & Community Power 

The strength of our movement depends on our work in coalition with our families, students, communities, unions, and other worker organizations. Building upon existing work with Close the Gap, CA Alliance for Community Schools, SF Labor Council, Labor Against Racism and War, we seek to expand our work in partnership with other community organizations and the families we serve.

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